The increasing number of metro, highway, railway, and wastewater projects around the world have led to a demand for waterproofing solutions. One of the biggest challenges in these projects is the infiltration of groundwater between the segments. This can cause damage to electromechanical systems and lead to various other problems. Proper drainage systems must be implemented in completed projects to prevent water infiltration.

Doğal Afetler ve Afetlerin Riskleri

Natural Disasters and the Risks of Disasters

This passage discusses the effects of various disasters, particularly earthquakes, that Turkey has been exposed to. Earthquakes are the most common natural disaster that Turkey experiences and are still known to cause the most damage. In addition to earthquakes, other natural disasters pose a risk for Turkey, including landslides, rockfalls, river floods, avalanches, and more.



The construction of permanent tunnel lining plays a crucial role in completing the ongoing construction work, resulting in durable and long-lasting service structures. The total distance of the tunnel is divided into certain meters, and each section (ANO) is separately casted in place, ensuring independent working of each ANO with on-site controls.

Tez Yazım Kuralları

Thesis Writing Rules

Writing a thesis can be a part of various stages in universities, and you should be aware of what writing a thesis can contribute to you as a student. Although the task of writing a thesis may seem like an unnecessary burden to many of our friends, it provides the opportunity to learn a significant amount of information related to the topic by conducting research and presenting it in a structured manner, which is crucial for personal development.

Ekip İle Çalışmak

Working with the Team

To work together, it is important to share a common memory. I can never repay my colleagues who were by my side during my time working in Ovit. They have been very helpful to me in many ways. The good times I spent with them are the best example of this. It goes without saying how important it is to share a meal together at the same table.

Kömür Limanı, Gelibolu-Çanakkale

Kömür Limanı, Gelibolu-Çanakkale

✅Türkiye’nin kuzeybatısında, en uç noktada bulunan Saros Körfezi, Akdeniz ve Ege kadar turistik bir yer değil. Fakat kafa dinlemek isteyen doğa sevdalıları için biçilmiş kaftan ✅Kömür Limanı, özellikle kampçıların ve dalış yapanların çok sevdiği bir yer. Yeşil ile mavinin buluştuğu bu gizli cennete günü birlik gitmek de çok keyifli. Denizi gerçekten harika. ✅Plaja giriş ücreti…